Introducing Vantage Network

A Binance Chain native solution bridging traditional and decentralised finance.

VXN is an innovative Binance token that re-imagines the concept of DeFI yield generation alongside intuitive farming and staking opportunities.

At its core, VXN derives a 100% of its yield from the underlying “sub-funds” and re-distributes that fee to existing VXN holders instantly and automatically at the end of a 7-day distribution cycle. This inherently has a compound effect if VXN holders decide to stake in our single-asset or alternative pools when our dynamic yield farms are online.

All decisions regarding the tokens that will be acquired for any given sub-fund will be uniquely determined by the community, via our ticket based voting system.

Unique features of the VXN smart contract allow certain addresses like the Pancakeswap or exchange wallets to be blocked from earning any of the yield generated by holding your VXN tokens.

Because of this, 100% of the yield generated go to holders of the token.

There is no team or central party that has to award the investment performance yield earnings. In traditional finance, the role of the investment management team would be to select assets and pool them to form a structured portfolio to generate a yield. However, we aim to cut out the middle man and allow the community to make the decisions about which investments are best for performance yield generation.

The Issue

The overwhelming majority of DeFi projects require trust in a central party and interaction with complex, buggy, and easily hacked contracts.

Rewards for interacting with these contracts often come from the minting of new tokens, necessitating confusing (and usually centralized) economic mechanisms that attempt to give the underlying reward token some value. However we derive all of our yield for token holders by capitalising on the underlying performance of some of the strongest blue chip, mid cap and small cap tokens available.

We then compound this earning potential by providing our own staking and yield farming opportunities on our Binance Chain native platform. There will be opportunities for single asset and multi-asset staking with no performance fees deductible from the Vantage Network team.

Developers who design and implement these economic reward mechanisms typically have no expertise in economics. As we have seen with numerous yield generation projects with infinite token supply or a minting function causing constant sell pressure in an inflationary manor.

This places an enormous amount of risk on individuals that choose to interact with DeFi smart contracts. However, as noted in the latter stage of this article our fair launch and community centric tokenomics allow for a trustless ecosystem to thrive on the Vantage Network.

A Fair and Free Market Launch

The VXN Public sale will be launched on Bounce on a FCFS basis on the 21st of February. We want to embody the true nature of decentralisation and free market operations. Hence we believe that any form of whitelisting or preferential selection that puts our community members at a disadvantage is against our ecosystems ethos.

20% of the total fixed supply of 180K tokens goes into the initial Pancakeswap liquidity pool.

5% of the total fixed supply of 180K tokens goes to to the team for future development and marketing.

75% of the total fixed supply of 180K will be made available to purchase by the community on the Bounce platform. The sale details will be announced by our official channel